TPiH 58 – Slade Templeton

This episode of That Podcast in Hutch reaches back a way – to about a year ago when former Hutchinson resident Slade Templeton dropped into the studio while visiting family, in the country from his home in Bern, Switzerland. 

Slade is an eclectic mix of interests and skills. He’s the author of horror books – his latest being Truth of the Shadows, which is described as “dark and spiraling journey into the abyss,” by the president of the Horror Writers Association. 

But his literary work is just the start. He’s a musician and record producer, as well as a designer and creator of Haunted Miniatures – offering spooky miniatures for dollhouse makers. 

In my conversation with Slade, we go back in time to his early years in Hutchinson. Along the way we touch on his experience with substance misuse, feelings of not quite finding your place in the world, and mental health crisis. But also about how he found his passion and place by embracing his true self.