TPiH 57 – Pippin Williamson

We’re excited to launch our next season of That Podcast In Hutch! 

For this episode, we go back in time to 2022 – and the time that Sandhills Brewing had to sell an unimaginable amount of food in a ridiculous amount of time to keep its liquor license. 

Thankfully, our guest Pippin Williamson, was able to marshal his staff and the community to save this unique Hutchinson brewery from the reach of an antiquated 1980s law that requires any place that sells alcohol to make 30 percent of its sales from food. 

That effort a year ago led to an upcoming vote to remove what’s known as the Food Rule from Reno County. This change would allow any business that wants to sell alcohol to operate as it sees fit – without the need to stand up a full scale restaurant in a place that’s not a restaurant at all. Think breweries, on-site crafting shops, ax throwing, and a number of other local businesses. 

Pippin and I revisit some of the events of a year ago, and walk back to the present day – and the need to update Reno County law to meet the realities of today. 

If you’ve wondered what all those “Vote for Beer Freedom” signs are about – you can learn all about it on this episode of That Podcast in Hutch. 

Also – Here are some important dates. 

Last day to register to Vote – October 17

First Day Advance ballots go out in the mail – Oct. 18

First Day for early voting at the Reno County Annex – Oct. 23

Can vote 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon-Fri until Nov. 5. Can vote early 8 a.m. to noon on Nov. 6

Election Day is Nov. 7 

Voting open to all Reno County residents. 

Go to to check your registration and find your polling location. 

If you want to read a more complete history of liquor laws in Kansas – follow this link