In this week’s episode of That Podcast in Hutch, guest host Jackson Swearer returns again for a follow-up interview with That Guy in Hutch, Jason Probst.

Earlier this year, I sat down with Jason for a two-part conversation about his life up until he joined the legislature. A lot of people seemed to enjoy those podcasts, and asked me if I would consider interviewing Jason again. What we have for you today is Part 3.

This time, we pick up where the conversation left off, and discuss Jason’s experience representing the 102nd House District since 2017. I asked him about life in the legislature, how the process of passing laws really works, how he has built relationships with different people during his time in Topeka, and more. We even talked about Teddy Roosevelt!

Jason has an uncanny ability to explain complex issues in a way most people can understand. He is also more willing than most legislators to pull back the curtain and reveal to his constituents how things really work in Topeka. I always find our conversations enlightening, and I hope that listeners will too.