This week’s episode of That Podcast in Hutch features Hailee Black – and the secret lives of teenagers. Well, maybe not secret as much as mysterious or misunderstood. 

Hailee is a soon-to-be 18 year old senior at Hutchinson High School. I first met her last legislative session when she travelled to Topeka with a group of JAG-K students. Hailee explains more about JAG in the podcast – but it’s a fantastic program that helps prepare students for many aspects of adult life. It stands for Jobs for America’s Graduates. I encourage you to learn more about this program – it’s a great tool and addition for our students. 

We also talk about some of the stressors, issues, ideas, and misconceptions about today’s teenagers. And I will warn you that some of the conversation is frank, pointed, opinionated, and even a little dark. I wanted to hear and learn about this perspective, and I think the best way to do that is to ask questions, and listen. So while I didn’t know what Hailee might say, or even what questions I would ask, I did want her to have the freedom to answer my questions honestly, and in her own words.