This episode of That Podcast in Hutch has us revisiting one of my favorite guests and business – Pippin Williamson with Sandhills Brewing. 

Earlier this month, Pippin learned that his liquor license was in jeopardy because he hadn’t met the 30 percent food sales requirement that was put in place by Reno County voters 36 years ago, in 1986. 

This week Sandhills launched an aggressive plan to sell as much food as possible to get the numbers into compliance with regulations. In one night, they sold over $16,000 in food – but he’s still about $13,000 short of reaching the goal by the end of the month. So go buy some food!

In this episode, guest host Jackson Swearer visits with Pippin about the challenges he has faced as a small business, and the regulatory hurdles microbreweries encounter in Kansas. I talk about the history of Kansas liquor laws, how we got to this point, and what needs to happen to change the law. 

We don’t do the three person format very often – and we don’t record on location too much. But we did both for this episode. (As such, the sound is going to be a little more open than usual). I think you’ll learn a lot from this episode, and walk away with a deeper understanding of both Kansas liquor laws and the mission and vision behind Sandhills Brewing.