TPiH 45 Yoder Thrift Shop

This week’s episode of That Podcast in Hutch takes me up the road a bit, to the Reno County hamlet of Yoder. 

If you’re not familiar with Yoder, it’s worth learning about – a small, Amish community in Reno County, most known for horse-drawn buggies and good food. But my recent visit took me to the Yoder Thrift Shop, located in the heart of downtown Yoder. 

As you’ll learn, this store is much more than a thrift store – it’s a passion project forged by a community determined to do all it can to help others. Through the sale of donated materials, this store has donated upwards of $80,000 to local charities and families. It’s really a remarkable study of what is possible when a group of people put their minds and spirits to doing all the good they can. And that’s certainly what I saw during my visit to the store. 

I think you’ll enjoy this small road trip to Yoder, and the chance to learn more about the Yoder Thrift Store and its mission-driven focus.