This week’s episode is going to be filled with flavor! On this edition of That Podcast in Hutch, Chef Daniel Downing sits down to discuss the art of cooking and his life as a chef. 

I’ve wanted to visit with Daniel for quite some time, after seeing some of the creative and delicious dishes he prepared as chef for Jillian’s Italian Grill, which has since – and quite sadly – closed. He’s now working with Salt City Brewing – and has likewise been working to bring his personal experience and techniques to the cuisine there. Then I started watching the show “The Bear,” on Hulu. If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, this show will bring back memories for you – probably both good and bad. The camera work does a great job of showing the chaos of a kitchen. The writing and characters are great, and they do a fantastic job of conveying the ever-present anxiety and pressure of the clock that exists in just about every commercial kitchen. 

In this episode, Daniel shares his journey from a child helping out with family meals, through his formal education in culinary school, to his work today at Salt City. I think you’ll find the conversation an interesting insight into what life is like in a kitchen, as well as the thought and inventiveness that goes into creating new and unique dishes from scratch. 

Bon appétit! 

Daniel’s professional Facebook Page, Chef at Large: Daniel Downing

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