I’m really excited about this week’s episode! I’ve brought in David Reed, curator with the Reno County Historical Society to talk about Time Capsules. 

On Aug. 15, people gathered outside Hutchinson City Hall to witness the unearthing of a time capsule that was buried in 1972. I was there, and it was exciting to see the old steel vault lifted out of the earth. It was equally sobering to see a new time capsule lowered and buried – to be opened in 2072, on Hutchinson’s 200th Anniversary. 

David and I visit about what was found in the time capsule, the history of Hutchinson, the reason time capsules are such an important and interesting part of our culture, and why it’s critical to document your photos and stories. There’s even a reference to a time capsule placed in Massachusetts by Paul Revere and Sam Adams. Here’s a Washington Post story on it and here’s another story that provides the inscription on the silver platter believed to have been etched by Revere

If you have even a passing interest in history, I think you’ll enjoy this episode. If you have an interest in family, community, and humanity, I know you’ll enjoy it. 

I’ve included some links below with information about the Reno County Museum, and the City of Hutchinson’s 150th Anniversary celebration on Aug. 18. 

Reno County Museum – https://www.renocomuseum.org/

Stories about the time capsule unearthing – 

Hutch News – https://www.hutchnews.com/story/news/local/2022/08/15/hutchinson-opens-its-1972-time-capsule/10330959002/

Hutch Post – https://hutchpost.com/posts/b8149b70-daa1-4c84-a441-2b83aa0b0c46

Info about Hutchinson’s 150th Anniversary celebration –