TPiH 41 What’s the Big Idea.

That Podcast in Hutch introduces a new segment – What’s the Big Idea. 

You ever have a conversation with friends, and find yourself asking one of those big “what if” sort of questions. Yeah, me too. All the time. With all sorts of people. So we’ve decided to turn those otherwise lost conversations into a podcast segment called “What’s the Big Idea?”

Basically we try to capture those big questions, explore them a little more, and if we can, find the answers to determine why they might, or might not work. At least that’s what we did this week in a conversation about what happens to old wind turbine blades – and whether they have to be destined for the landfill. In other weeks, the Big Idea might be focused on big ideas or concepts. 

This big idea came from an internet meme arguing that wind turbine blades are bad for the environment because they are made of material that doesn’t biodegrade easily – and therefore takes up space in landfills or wind turbine grave yards. Tyler wondered if that was true or not, and if there’s not some creative use waiting to be found. 

Let us know what you think – and share your big ideas with us. We love to learn about new things, and we’d love to explore your big ideas, too.