Lynn Rogers currently serves as the Kansas State Treasurer – a role most known for helping people find out if they have any unclaimed property. Most of us have likely seen or stopped by the Treasurer’s booth at the Kansas State Fair over the years. There’s much more to the job than giving people their abandoned money, and Lynn helps explain some of the daily ins and outs of the job. 
But Lynn has held a number of public service positions throughout his career. He’s been Lieutenant Governor, and Kansas Senator, a Wichita School Board member, and even a member of his children’s parent teacher association. He also has an extensive career in finance and farm credit services – and he’s managed that career through some rocky waters. 
In this podcast, we explore some of what he’s learned throughout his years of service, and how some of the work he’s done has created new experiences and opportunities that have both enriched his life and broadened his horizons.