In this week’s episode of That Podcast in Hutch, guest host Jackson Swearer returns to talk to Amanda Wilke about the challenges and opportunities facing childcare providers.
A lack of quality, affordable childcare is an issue facing many communities right now, and Hutch is no exception. In our conversation, Amanda shared some of the challenges she faces in her certified in-home daycare. I was particularly struck by some of the ways that well-intentioned regulations on her industry seem to drive up costs for providers and limit their ability to generate revenue. Despite the challenges, however, there are also opportunities. We talked about how new grants available during and after COVID might help make childcare both more affordable and better for kids.
Throughout our time together, I could not ignore the passion that Amanda showed for providing safe and educational experiences for children. We talked about some of the new and creative opportunities for families she is bringing to Hutchinson. These included a free community group Amanda started called Nature Play Hutch, as well as a new program she hopes to offer this summer called Tinkergarten. 
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