In this week’s episode of That Podcast in Hutch, guest host Jackson Swearer visits with Dave Sotelo, Human Relations Officer for the City of Hutchinson.
Jason had a family emergency this week, so I (Jackson) returned to fill in as host for the podcast. I was excited to get to talk to Dave Sotelo about his work to address discrimination and promote harmonious relations between all people in our community. We begin with Dave explaining his work and the role of the Hutchinson Human Relations Commission. From there, our discussion moves from abstract concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion to the personal story of one young man’s struggle to find his place in the United States.
As you listen while Dave shares about his experience immigrating to the United States at age 12, I hope you will reflect on the times when you may have felt excluded and the impact that had on you. You won’t find any easy answers to the complex political issues surrounding immigration here. But perhaps Dave’s story will encourage you to consider the ways that we might all work to ensure everyone who wants to make a good life for themselves and contribute to our society can be included in our community.