The next two episodes are really special and important to me. I think when you’re done listening, you’ll understand why. 

For the next two episodes, you’ll get to hear from Katy Everitt, who lives in Topeka with her 9-year-old son. She has built a nearly 20 year career that she loves as a hairstylist. 

Though most of us have regular interaction with the people who cut and style our hair – I suspect many of us don’t know many details. During our conversation, I was continuously surprised at how much about the business I never knew or understood. In the first part of this series, Katy shares a behind the scenes look into the life of someone who makes a living in the beauty industry. 

But there’s more to Katy’s story than her career – she’s also battling ovarian cancer. 

In episode two, Katy and I explore how the realities of her career intersect with her battle against a potentially life-threatening illness. 

I hope you’ll listen to these two episodes with compassion and an open mind – and my hope is that after these next two weeks you, like me, might have better insight into the dire circumstances people can find themselves in, and the unlikely things they have to do to survive.