In this week’s episode of That Podcast for Hutch, I visit with Cecelia Pina of Hutchinson. 
I wanted to visit with her – and several others suggested I should have her on – after she spoke before the Hutchinson City Council regarding proposed changes to the Woody Seat Freeway that spans over Avenue B in the Southwest Bricktown neighborhood. 
What I hope you’ll listen for and take away from this episode is the importance of engaging and organizing community voices in the political process. And how it requires more than rallies, Tweets, and liking something on Facebook. It requires long term dedication to unify people, to navigate disagreements, and to be willing to take that work to policymakers. 
I’ve included links to a few stories, if you’re interested in reading a little more about the work that’s emerged from Southwest Bricktown. I’ve also included the different plans presented on the Woody Seat project.