TPiH 024 – Jason Probst Part 2

In this week’s episode of That Podcast in Hutch, we finish up the two-part episode in which we turn the microphones completely around. 
Instead of me interviewing someone, I’ll once again be the subject of the interview. 
Several friends and regular listeners to That Podcast in Hutch suggested this might be an interesting experiment. So, despite my reluctance, I agreed to do it – and we ended up having a pretty lively discussion. And long enough that we had to break it into two parts.If you haven’t listened to part one, I suggest doing that before picking up this episode, which is midstream of our conversation.
In both episodes you’ll learn a little more about me – Part 1 focuses on my life growing up in Nickerson, as well as some of the different jobs I had in my early life. Part 2 moves more through my adult years, including my experiences at The Hutchinson News. 
If listeners seem to like this sort of thing, Jackson has a whole list of topics he’s ready to ask me about – and we could very well make a semi-regular series out of it. 
I hope you enjoy this turning of the tables, and a chance to learn a little more about That Guy in Hutch.