In this week’s episode, I visit with Joe Coles – A resident of Southwest Kansas who spent more than 40 years with a career in education and now travels across the state as a consultant. 
I came to meet Joe through our mutual friend, Rep. Boyd Orr, from Fowler. Boyd called me one day this fall to tell me about a program Joe had helped launch. It was designed to bring local employers, educators, and students together – allowing students to learn about the career and life opportunities of Southwest Kansas, and for employers and educators to help students realize the resources available to them. 
I drove out to Sublette, Kansas in late October to experience one of the Southwest Kansas Education Showcase. Despite high winds, more than 130 students from area schools attended the all day event. 
Joe is a refreshing soul. He approached the students with respect and humility. He is engaging and encouraging. I particularly like his “allowing and empowering” approach to education – which follows his belief that children need the opportunity to try new things without fear of failure. 
To learn more about Joe, visit his website