This week’s episode of That Podcast in Hutch was recorded inside the Kansas State Capitol building in Topeka. Since I’ll be in Topeka for most of the next several months, I’m working to keep production going between normal – and sometimes abnormal – legislative work. 
My guest this week is Rep. Tom Sawyer, who represents the 95th House District, in Wichita. He’s the current minority leader in the House – but his experience in state government goes back to the 1980s, when he first started working on campaigns. 
Tom is widely known in Topeka as an expert on tax and budget policy – and in this episode he shares some of his experiences from throughout the years, as well as some of the changes he’s seen develop over the decades. 
There’s also a story in there about the time he sacrificed himself to make sure something really bad didn’t happen to Kansas. I think you’ll enjoy hearing that one.