The Salt City Podcast Network is devoted to sharing the diverse stories of Hutchinson, Kansas. We seek to remove the barriers to entry to sharing stories. By partnering with local resources, we are able to offer the technology, training, and expertise needed to plan, record, edit, and distribute podcasts that highlight the arts, culture, and community of the Salt City.


The HotSeat by StartUp Hutch

Hosted ByJackson Swearer

The HotSeat by StartUp Hutch combines storytelling with practical advice about business by sitting down with real Reno county residents and asking them questions about their entrepreneurial journey. How did they get started? What were the keys to their success? What obstacles did they have to get over along the way? you'll hear from both new start ups and longstanding…

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Hosted BySteve Becker & Beth White

The law is embedded in our society, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Join Steve Becker, retired State District Court Judge, and his daughter Beth White, A Department of Corrections parole officer, as they explore what went wrong in the criminal justice system.

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That Podcast in Hutch

That Podcast in Hutch explores the people, places, and events that make Hutchinson a vibrant and engaging community. We’ll step beyond the headlines, to hear the real-life stories from our community and develop a deeper understanding of policy and people.

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Success – Kevin Evenson of Sleep Haven

Join Entrepreneur Navigator Jackson Swearer on location in Haven as he sits down with Kevin Evenson of Sleep Haven as the discuss business ownership, cashflows, mentors, and taking the...

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020 Kimberly Long

Works Cited “Flawed Justice: The Kimberly Long Story Podcast on Apple Podcasts.” Apple Podcasts, 1 Oct. 2018,podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/flawed-justice-the-kimberly-long-story-podcast/id1437311056.Damien, Christopher. “Murder Charge against Corona Woman Dismissed, DA Says It Can’t Prove...

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Start Up – Jen Brummer of Jenz Java

Join Entrepreneur Navigator Jackson Swearer on location  in Haven as he sits down with Jen Brummer of Jenz Java. They discuss what the drive thru coffee shop has to...

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019 Raymond Jennings

Works Cited “Dateline: Michelle O’Keefe’s Father Says Ray Jennings ‘Still Guilty.’” 2paragraphs.com, 10 Nov. 2016,2paragraphs.com/2016/11/dateline-michelle-okeefes-father-insists-ray-jennings-still-guilty/.Accessed 21 June 2023.https://www.latimes.com/people/richard-winton, and https://www.latimes.com/people/marisa-gerber.“Man Accused of Murdering College Student Is Freed after 11...

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Success – Joe and Aryn Hedrick of Hedrick Exotic Animal Farm

Join Entrepreneur Navigator Jackson Swearer on location at Hedrick Exotic Animal Farm in Nickerson with Joe and Aryn Hedrick. They discuss the evolution of the farm and bed and...

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Start Up – Ashley and Zachary Carson of Axe It Up Hutch

Join Entrepreneur Navigator Jackson Swearer as he sits down with Ashley and Zachary Carson, owners of Axe It Up Hutch, as they talk about the importance of mentors and...

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